Things to do in Lang Son Vietnam

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Lang Son is right on the border with China in the Northeast of Vietnam, off the tourist track by far. Lang Son possesses amazing mountainscape and a plethora of ethnic groups. The land has several sites which mark amazing battles throughout the thousands of years of the Vietnamese history.

Nowadays, Lang Son is not on the travel itinerary of most foreign visitors to Vietnam. Some adventure travelers pass through the area on the trip to and from the North East of Vietnam only. Those who visit Lang Son would spend mostly 1 night in Lang Son City. The below list helps you to form some idea of what to see and things to do in Lang Son.Spectacular Bac Son Valley, Lang Son, Vietnam

- Visit the caves of Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh: magnificent limestone caves in lovely mountains. Visiting the caves takes 1 hour each.

- Climbing the To Thi Mountain: There’s a legend about the mountain but you’ll be more likely captivated by the wonderful views from the mountain top to Lang Son City. The landscape offers a wonderful stroll for a couple of hours.

- Trekking through ethnic villages: People do not know and do not do it often. Some tour operators in Vietnam offer treks from Cao Bang to Lang Son for 1-2 days. This is an off-the-beaten track adventure.

- Visiting former battlefields: Lang Son City was the site of major battles and the most brutal one took place in February 1079 when China invaded Vietnam and took over the city. Dong Dang Fortress was also another site of the most fiercest battle in the 1979 war too.

Also, do not miss Route 4 – Route Coloniale 4 which was the Supply Route by the French during the Franco - Viet Minh War. There are various sites on this route with once famous battles.

Besides, there is the Chi Lang Passage which was the sites of various battles throughout the history of Vietnam which help to shape up the history of the country.

- Visiting Mau Son Mountain to adore the amazing landscape: The peak of Mau Son is more than 1,000m above sea level and the mountain is among the first places in Vietnam that the cold winter monsoons brush through. It is among the places in Vietnam with lowest temperatures, too. Each winter Vietnamese tourists would flock here to get a chance to touch snow when it is freezing cold.

- Taking a photography tour to Bac Son Valley, an amazing valley with rice fields of different colors which make it look like colorful brocade. From Hanoi you can take a trip to the Bac Son Valley for 1 or 2 days.

- Taking a cycling tour to the Bac Son Valley and cycle through spectacular mountains all the way from Thai Nguyen to Bac Son. The landscape is just memorable.

- Taking a motorbike tour/scooter tour through the North East of Vietnam and taking in Lang Son: It’s an adventure of a lifetime and experience in riding is needed.

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