Privacy Policy

All your personal details are collected by TravelNewsNow for the only reasons that we are required to communicate with you.

1/Why we collect your personal details
TravelNewsNow only collects your information when required by circumstances as follows:
1.1/When you contact us for advertisements on our website and we need to collect your contact details including email, phone, fax, postal address, …
1.2/When you send us a request to correct any information presented on our website.

Under no circumstances will you contact us for other purposes a part from the 2 above cases. TravelNewsNow will not respond to requests for information, clarifications…

2/How we protect your personal details
TravelNewsNow follows a strict procedure related to storing and protecting your personal information. Only our responsible staff could have access to your personal information following strict commitments to protecting your personal details.

While exercising all possible measures within our control to protect your personal details, TravelNewsNow can not guarantee that we can protect your personal details under online attacks that we are a victim of.

3/Do we disclose your personal details to a third party?
TravelNewsNow does not disclose your personal details to a third party except for 2 cases:
3.1 You request us to advertise your products, your companies or your brands…on our website.
3.2 When we are required by law to provide your personal details to an authority who has such jurisdiction.

4/Your consent
By providing TravelNewsNow with your personal information, you consent to our use of your information conforming to our privacy policy stated herein.

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