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Date/time of update: January 20, 2022, 1:27 pm, Timezone: GMT+7
Clear Sky

Temperature: 24°C
Feels like: 24.68°C
Min Temperature: 24°C
Max Temperature: 24°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1013hPa
Humidity: 85%
Visibility: 10000m
Wind speed: 3.73m/sec
Wind direction: 9degrees
Cloudiness: 0%
Sunrise: 2022-01-19 11:08:39
Sunset: 2022-01-20 10:39:16

Nha Trang is a beach city in the south of the Central Region of Vietnam, 500km south of Da Nang and 500km north of Saigon. Nha Trang is endowed with over a dozen kilometres of sugarly white sand beaches, turquoise blue water and offshore islands ringed with pristine fine beaches. Nha Trang is the best place in Vietnam for watersports like snorkelling and scuba-diving.

Nha Trang Vietnam
Nha Trang Vietnam from above


Besides the beaches and blue sea, Nha Trang is surrounded by lush countryside with the Cham Tower of Po Nagar left from the former Champa Kingdom, with the Thap Ba hotspring where mud bathing is offered. The city of Nha Trang has a number of tourist attractions including the Yersin Museum, the Oceanographic Instute, the Stone Cathedral...The traveller to Nha Trang can have a lazy beach holiday, a sea cruise with scuba-diving to explore the colourful coral reefs, can have an easy sightseeing trip in the countryside or can have a day to get lost with a river cruise on the Ca River. Also you can go for a ride in horse-drawn cart, for a motorbike adventure tour or an easy bicycle tour to the surrounding coutryside.

House on the outskirt of Nha Trang City
House on the outskirt of Nha Trang City

 There are good tourist facilities in Nha Trang ranging from standard hotels in the city to luxury beach resorts. There are a number of night bars in the city which offer buzzing nightlife. The food in town is of variety including fresh local seafood, Vietnamese food and international cuisine. There is also street food and street barbecue from time to time along the beach which makes your experience in this city more of memorable.

Po Nagar Cham Tower in Nha Trang
Po Nagar Cham Tower in Nha Trang

 You can travel to Nha Trang from either Saigon, or Hanoi by air; from Dalat by road; from Da Nang by air or by railroad.

Nha Trang is perfect in the dry season: January to June. From July to December, the rain water may make the municipal beach murky to swim in.

Dam Market in Nha Trang Vietnam
Dam Market - Nha Trang City


Dien Khanh Citadel
Dien Khanh Citadel


Long Son Pagoda
Long Son Pagoda


Nha Trang Bay
Nha Trang Bay


The Stone Cathedral
The Stone Cathedral

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