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Bac Kan is located to the Northeast of Vietnam, the provincial capital is Bac Kan City, 160km north of Hanoi. During the Franco – Viet Minh War (1946-1954), Bac Kan was the capital of the liberated zone of the Viet Minh. Traveling to Bac Kan now, you can visit the amazing natural landscape as well as learning about an important chapter in the Vietnamese modern history. Below you can find out more about the major tourist attractions in Bac Kan.

 1/ Bac Kan City offers the visitors sites of a major military operation of the French troops into Viet Minh’s capital in 1947. These marked a series of battles between the two sides after the fierce battles in Hanoi in 1946. The French had a victory in Hanoi and the lowlands in 1946 but they failed in the mountains.

Breathtaking landscape at Ngan Son, Bac Kan
Breathtaking landscape at Ngan Son, Bac Kan

2/ Phu Thong Stronghold
It was one of several French outposts in the far northern mountains of Vietnam. Phu Thong was deep in the Viet Minh’s liberated zone and the French used it to track the movements of Viet Minh. Phu Thong was attacked several times by the Viet Minh in efforts to remove French posts in the region.

3/ Ba Be National Park
This is a system of limestone mountains, forests, rivers and lakes,.. The national park is listed in the UNESCO World Ramsar Sites. The Ba Be Lakes include 3 lakes connecting one to another which is part of a river system in the region. The length of the lakes is 8 km and the width is 3km.

The Ba Be National Park is home to a rich ecosystem and is a popular tourist attractions. Most local communities are Tay ethnic people. Some villages in the national park offer homestay service. From Hanoi you can take a 2-day or 3-day tours to the Ba Be National Park. The activities here include boat trips on the lake, trekking in the forest, visiting ethnic villages in the national park.

4/ Hua Ma Cave
The cave is 300m long which is located by the Leng River, 10km south of the Ba Be National Park headquarters.

5/ Na Khoang Waterfall
The waterfall is near Deo Gio Pass in Ngan Son District, 45km north of Bac Kan City. The waterfall is surrounded by mountains and forest which makes it isolated amid the wild.

There are some Vietnam tours operators offering adventure tours and battlefield tours to Bac Kan Vietnam which would assist you with in-depth experiences in the province.

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