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Ha Giang is the northern-most province of Vietnam. The capital city of the province is Ha Giang City, 312km north of Hanoi. Ha Giang is famous with Dong Van Karst Plateau (Dong Van Rock Plateau) which is 150km north of Ha Giang City and which has been inscribed to the Global Geo-parks by the UNESCO. Dong Van also is famous for the Sunday ethnic market and the Old Quarter.

Ha Giang Vietnam
The road from Ha Giang City to Dong Van is breathtaking...

Ha Giang Province and Dong Van are not yet visited by most foreign travellers to Vietnam. Some adventure travellers stray from the well beaten path and visit Ha Giang by motorbikes. The hotels in Ha Giang City and Dong Van Town are of basic standards only. There are no luxury properties in the area just yet. The restaurants in Dong Van are closed early, so if you plan to travel to Dong Van, be prepared to have early dinner.

Quan Ba - Ha Giang
Quang Ba District of Ha Giang is known for the fabled mountains

 Ha Giang is getting to be popular yet it is among few places in Vietnam that are off from mass tourism. The natural and cultural beauties of Ha Giang are definitely among the most amazing things you may get in Vietnam. You may like adventure activities like mountain biking, hiking, motorcycling; or you just want a relaxing vacation; you may travel in couple or with your family, everyone will find something of immense interest in Ha Giang.

Wild nature at Xin Man, Ha Giang
Wild nature at Xin Man, Ha Giang

While most travelers to Ha Giang tend to stay for 2-3 nights, if you want to see it all you should allow for at least a week in the Dong Van Plateau. You will definitely get more from this wonderful place if you could just do it at a slower pace. Below are recommended tourist attractions in Ha Giang and in the Dong Van Plateau.

Meo Vac, Ha Giang
Meo Vac, Ha Giang


Pho Bang, Dong Van, Ha Giang
Pho Bang, Dong Van, Ha Giang

1/ The Dong Van Plateau
Everywhere you go and every turn you make in the Dong Van Plateau, it is an ethereal beauty of serrated ridges, valleys,… and it is all rock! Let’s your imagination fly, come and see it for yourself!

Plough in rocks at Dong Van
Plowing into rocks to grow corn may be found at Dong Van Rock Plateau only



Dong Van Rock Plateau, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
Dong Van Rock Plateau is just a very different world, all is built with rocks and built on rocks...

2/ Dong Van Old Quarter
Quaint old atmosphere and houses of a mountain township. Absolutely beautiful in the early morning and late afternoon.

Dong Van Old Quarter, Dong Van Plateau, Ha Giang
Dong Van Old Quarter, Dong Van Plateau, Ha Giang

3/ Dong Van Market (Sunday morning only)
It is colorful and exotic! The colors, the smells, the way people interact with one another… you name it! It is best visited between 06:00 A.M and 09:00 A.M when it is most live.

Dong Van Market
Dong Van Market


Ma Le Market, Ha Giang
Ma Le Market, Ha Giang

4/ The Ma Pi Leng Pass and the Tu San Canyon
The site takes your breaths away! You’ll adore and pay respect to those who made the path by carving into the rock using their hands and simple tools. You will be dumbfounded by the scene of 2,000m peaks competing for height by the deepest canyon in the country!

ma pi leng meo vac hagiang
The Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang

5/ Vuong Family Residence
Once the residence of the Hmong King – the Vuong Family. The residence has a wonderful architecture featuring the rock and wood materials.

Vuong Family Residence in Dong Van, Ha Giang
Vuong Family Residence in Dong Van, Ha Giang

6/ Lung Ho Valley
The valley is incredibly surrounded by rock mountains and you can imagine how nice it is!

7/ Du Gia Valley
The valley is not within the Dong Van Rock Plateau. There are sublime trails in the sky, idyllic rice terraces,… It is an extremely idyllic beauty that words fail to do the job.

8/ Hoang Su Phi Rice Terraces
The scene is available in late September and early October only when the rice is about to be harvested.

Rice teraces at Hoang Su Phi
Rice teraces at Hoang Su Phi



Hoang Su Phi Market, Ha Giang
Hoang Su Phi Market, Ha Giang

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