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Temperature: 24.98°C
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Min Temperature: 24.98°C
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Atmospheric pressure: 1016hPa
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Wind direction: 13degrees
Cloudiness: 69%
Sunrise: 2022-01-19 11:17:41
Sunset: 2022-01-20 10:37:02

Hoi An is a little town in Quang Nam Province, in the Central Region of Vietnam. Hoi An was a famed international sea port, well-known to merchants from China, Japan, the Persian Gulf, and Europe in the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries. Major goods traded at Hoi An back then included spices, ceramics, silk… While most merchants would have sojourns in Hoi An for a few months waiting for the right wind to sail home, some chose to stay in Hoi An permanently.

Old Town of Hoi An, Vietnam
Old Town of Hoi An, Vietnam

The town then had the fusion of different cultures, especially of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese... In the 19th century, the Thu Bon River silted up and the port of Hoi An was not as conveniently accessible as before, the port town was left into oblivion.

The riverside of Hoi An Old Town
The riverside of Hoi An Old Town, a perfect place to have a stroll or to sip cold drinks in late afternoon

 In the early 1990s, Hoi An was “rediscovered” by foreign visitors to Vietnam and the quaint atmosphere of the Old Town has been more than charming to them. The fusion of cultural heritage of Hoi An is certainly amazing to every visitor. Since, Hoi An has been among the must-see tourist attractions in Vietnam. While traders spent months in Hoi An in the past, now tourists would spend weeks in this little quaint town to soak in the laid-back atmosphere and traditional lifestyle. Hoi An is inscribed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

 Hoi An riverside at night
Hoi An riverside at night

Visitors to the Old Town of Hoi An are from the whole World. They travel to Hoi An to soak in the ancient atmosphere and enjoy mouth-watering food, they walk in the narrow streets to find memories of the bygone times, and they acquire the fine tailor-made clothes for dirt-cheap prices... Some travel to Hoi An for a couple of nights, many end up having holidays in the Old Town for a few weeks. 

Shops in the Old Town of Hoi An at night
Shops in the Old Town of Hoi An at night

Apart from the disappearance of the sea port, Hoi An Old Town is as charming as it was centuries ago. The well-preserved old merchant houses, the Chinese Congregational Assemblies, the Japanese Covered Bridge, the busy activities by local merchants and foreign visitors, and the charming atmosphere have been unchanged... 

A street in Hoi An Ancient Town at night
A street in Hoi An Ancient Town at night

The Thu Bon River was busy with commercial activities in the ancient times, now teems with fishing boats traveling back and forth. In the evening, the river is lit by thousands of lanterns conjuring up the images of ancient Hoi An centuries ago... On both sides of the river, bars and restaurants converted from old merchant houses offer a great time to the visitors in late afternoon and in the evening.

Several visitors to Hoi An are on cultural luxury holidays with accommodations of 4-5 stars, either riverside, or centrally located in the Old Town. Alternatively, there are luxury resorts and budget hotels for relaxing holidays on the pristine Cua Dai Beach, 5km from the Old Town of Hoi An.

For those of you who love more engaging experiences, then you can take part in our daily bicycle tours to Tra Que Herbal Village or hands-on cooking classes with a boat trip to the local market. Besides, Hoi An can be the base for exploring the World Heritage Site of My Son Cham Ruins, My Lai Massacre Site, and Da Nang Non Nuoc Beach... It is recommended you stay at least 3 nights in Hoi An.

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