Things to do in Lai Chau Vietnam

Lai Chau is in the Northwest of Vietnam, off the tourist track by far. The province is still in lack of tourist services yet it possesses amazing natural landscapes. Let us find below what to see and things to do in Lai Chau.

- Visiting ethnic villages: Lai Chau is home to several ethnic groups with untouched traditional cultures. There are several villages which are accessible from Route 4D while several others can only be reached by hard treks which take a couple of days. The villages you may visit on your trip to Lai Chau: Ta Leng (Hmong, Dao, 10km from Lai Chau City); Hon Village (Lu People, 12km from Lai Chau City), Phieng Hao (Lao People), San Thang Village (Giay People), Si Thau Chai (Dao People, 6km from Tam Duong), Vang Pheo (White Thai, Phong Tho, 30km northwest of Lai Chau City)…Green tea plantations at Tan Uyen, Lai Chau, Vietnam

- Relaxing in the cool climate of Sin Ho Plateau: The Plateau is on the altitude of 1,500m above sea level with cool climate all year round. Besides, Sin Ho is home to 15 groups of ethnic minorities: Hmong, Lu, Dao,…

- Mountain biking: The heavenly landscape of Lai Chau with high and wild mountain peaks, evergreen tea plantations and scenic valleys offer great biking experiences to the adventurous travelers.

- Motorcycling adventures: the amazing scenery of Lai Chau and the Northwest of Vietnam is certainly ideal for motorbike adventures.

- Trekking and Mountain climbing in Lai Chau: Pu Ta Leng and Ky Quan San, each offers a 3-day adventure to the summits of over 3,000m above sea level.

Lai Chau Average Monthly Rainfalls and Temperatures

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