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Vung Tau, 120km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, has always been a popular tourist attraction for wealthy Saigon people. Nowadays Vung Tau is famed to all foreign visitors and Vietnamese tourists alike.

People travel to Vung Tau mainly for the beaches and a wide range of activities. But all the beaches are Vung Tau are public ones and if you want to have a holiday at a beach resort or hotel with a private beach, then you may like to go somewhere else.

Vung Tau Beach

Below you can find the best of what to do in Vung Tau and major tourist attractions in the city. For information on things to do and what to do in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, please visit our Ba Ria Vung Tau travel guide.

1/ The Back Beach (or Thuy Van Beach)
This is the best beach in Vung Tau City stretching for 8km. Vung Tau City is a headland protruding into the sea on a northeast-southwest axis, then the Back Beach is to the bottom-south of the city extending to the northeast.

The sand of the Back Beach is fine and the beach is gently sloping. There are several hotels, restaurants, bars... along the Thuy Van Road overlooking the beach.

2/ Hon Ba
Hon Ba is an islet close to the shore and near the southernmost tip of the headland of Vung Tau. From Thuy Van Street, you walk southwestwards then Hon Ba is in sight near the turn of the road into Ha Long Street. The islet can be reached by boat or on foot at low tide. There is a shrine on the islet underneath of which is a secret tunnel for meetings of Vietnamese patriots during the French time.

3/ The Giant Jesus Statue
The statue is on the Nui Nho Mountain (The Small Mountain) near the bottom-south of Vung Tau, near Hon Ba Islet. The statue is on an altitude of 167m above sea level, the height of the statue is 32m and the total length of the two stretching arms is 18.4m. There is a spiral staircase inside the statue leading to its neck.

Opening hours: 0700 A.M – 1700, dressed properly when visiting the statue (sleeved shirt, knee-covered pants…)

4/ The Lighthouse of Vung Tau
Built on top of the Small Mountain (Nui Nho Mountain or Tao Phung Mountain) at 170m above sea level. The Lighthouse has a cylinder architecture of 18m height and 3m diameter.

5/ The Nghing Phong Cape (Cape for catching the winds)
Just south of the Giant Jesus Statue is the Nghing Phong Cape protruding into the sea. This is where young Vietnamese tourists love to have selfie.

6/The Front Beach (Bai Truoc, Bai Tam Duong)
This is on Quang Trung Street located to the southeast of Vung Tau City in between the Big Mountain to the North and the Small Mountain to the south. The Front Beach is in a little cove which is protected from the winds and the sea is calm here.

7/ The Dau Beach (Bai Dau)
This beach is located to the northwest of Vung Tau City, north of Bai Truoc and west of the Big Mountain. The beach is small and quiet here.

8/ The Dua Beach (Bai Dua, the Lang Du Beach)
This small and often quiet beach is on Halong Street in between the Front Beach to the north and the Nghing Phong Cape to the south.

9/Niet Ban Tinh Xa
This is a Buddhist Pagoda built on a mountain slope of the Small Mountain, close to Bai Dua. The pagoda has great sea views.

10/ Bach Dinh (Villa Blanche, The White Villa)
The Villa Blanche was built from 1898 to 1916 for the French General Governor of Indochina – Paul Doumer. The villa is located on the slope of the Big Mountain overlooking the sea.

11/ Thich Ca Phat Dai
The pagoda is on the northern slope of the Big Mountain, north of the Bach Dinh.

12/ The Old Cannons
There are old cannons of different batteries on the Big Mountain and on the Small Mountain built by the French from 1885-1900.

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