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Phu Tho is a province in the northwest of Vietnam, the capital city of Phu Tho is Viet Tri, 70km from Hanoi. Phu Tho was where the Viet forefathers settled to build the first Viet-identity kingdom and Hung Kings’ Temple is a popular pilgrimage place during the Death Anniversary of Hung Kings.

 While Phu Tho is quite off-the-beaten track for most foreign visitors to Vietnam, there are sites which could be of interest to adventurous travelers. Below you can find a list of what to see and things to do in Phu Tho Vietnam.

- Visit Hung Kings’ Temple: It is quite a hike with up and down steps visiting the temples on the Nghia Linh Mountain. A thorough visit to the temple may require up to 2-3 hours. The trip takes ¾ of a day from Hanoi.

- Take an eco-adventure to experience the greenery of the Xuan Son National Park: There are a few hiking paths in the national park that could help you refreshed amid the wonderfully fresh nature.

- Take a bike tour through the amazing countryside of Phu Tho. There are hilly roads, flat roads, meandering high mountain passes in Phu Tho, lovely valleys… that definitely make it a great adventure for you. Besides, you will not encounter crowds on your journey!

- Take an inspirational motorbike adventure through Phu Tho and the Northwest of Vietnam: What you get will be the most beautiful mountainscape in the country and lovely encounters with different ethnic groups on your trip. A motorbike trip makes your experience authentic and engaging.

- Take a historical tour or a battlefield tour to visit the sites in Phu Tho where important historical events or battles took place in the Vietnamese history. The former battlefields include Chan Mong – Tram Than (Doan Hung), Tu Vu (Thanh Thuy), Hung Kings Temple, Hai Ba Trung Temple…

- Take a photography tour to capture the eye-pleasing tea plantations in Thanh Son District of Phu Tho. Early morning and late afternoon are the best moments for photography.

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