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Kon Tum is a province to the north of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Kon Tum by far is off-the-beaten track due to not convenient transport and lack of tourist infrastructure. As many other travel destinations in Vietnam are getting too crowded, quite a few adventurous travelers just love straying into quiet regions, Kon Tum is one of them. Below is a list of what to see and things to do in Kon Tum.

Nha Rong (Community House) at Kon Ko Tu Village, Kon Tu, Vietnam

- Kon Klor Village (Bahnar People also known spelled Ba Na) is an idyllic village on the riverside of the Dak Bla River, 4km east of Kon Tum City. Visiting the village you can learn a lot about the Ba Na People: their lovely community house (Nha Rong), the traditional music performance, their daily life… There are great photo opportunities on the Kon Klor Suspension Bridge, too.

- Kon Tum Wooden Church build in 1913 is lovely architecture built out of wood only.

- Bishop of Kon Tum’s Building: Amazing architecture combing the East and West built in 1935. A leisurely stroll in the compound certainly brings peace of mind to us all.

- Kon Tum Prison Museum: built by the French in 1930 to jail Vietnamese patriots.

- Dak Glei Prison Museum 90km northwest of Kon Tum via Ho Chi Minh Trail, 20km north Dak Glei Township. The prison was built in 1932 to jail Vietnamese patriots.

- Kon Tum Museum houses a good collection of artifacts showing the history of Kon Tum as well as traditional cultures of different ethnic groups in the province.

- Dak To – Tan Canh Victory Monument (45km north of Kon Tum City), Charlie Hill, former Phoenix Airfield, western leg of Ho Chi Minh Trail...which marked fierce battles in the recent history of Vietnam.

- Mang Den Hill Station, which is on averaged altitude of more than 1,000m above sea level and with primeval forests and rich wildlife, is 55km northeast of Kon Tum City. There are several attractions at Mang Den like The Ba Sy Waterfall (Pau Suh meaning the confluence of 3 big rivers in Ro Mam language, the waterfall is on an altitude of 1,500m above sea level), Dak Ke Lake, ethnic villages, Mang Den – Mang But former French strongholds.... There are also chances to observe wildlife in Mang Den forests.

- Chu Mom Ray National Park is among the richest national parks in biodiversity in Vietnam. The national parks shares the border with both Laos and Cambodia.

- Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve is in Dak Glei and Tu Mo Rong Districts, 150km north of Kon Tum City. Ngoc Linh Peak is 2,600m and is the highest mountain in South Vietnam and is the originating land for several rivers in the Central Region of Vietnam (Thu Bon, Cai River, Dak Bla,…). Ngoc Linh is rich in biodiversity with several endangered species.


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