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 Gia Lai is a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The province is home to several ethnic minorities and famed for the fierce battles during the Vietnam War (American War). The province is rarely visited by either Vietnamese tourists or foreign travelers. It may be that the transport to the province is not convenient or that there are not that major tourist highlights here.

Those who are attracted to Gia Lai are normally war veterans, historians, history students, or adventure travelers who love straying far from the crowds. Below is a list of different tourist attractions in Gia Lai for your reference.

T'nung Lake (Bien Ho) in Gia Lai, Vietnam

1/Bien Ho Lake is a 240-hectare lake which is the remains of an inactive volcano. The lake is surrounded by woods and breathtaking mountains. Bien Ho is 7km from Pleiku City.

2/Glar Valley, Dak Doa District (20km east of Pleiku City) the valley is home to strange red grass which makes it a stunning meadow. Glar Valley is a great place for picnics, camping and photography.

3/Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon Jaw Mountain, 11km south of Pleiku) is a dead volcano with altitude of 1,000m above sea level. The Ham Rong Mountain was once camp of US Army during the Vietnam War.

4/Kon Ka Kinh National Park is 50km northeast of Pleiku, stretching in the territories of Dak Doa, Mang Yan and K’bang Districts. The top of the mountain at the national park is 1,748m above sea level. There is a diverse ecosystem with forest, rivers, waterfalls, mountains with different floras and faunas which is a great place for ecotourism and adventure travel. There are hiking trails in the national park that bring you from one beauty to another.

5/Chu Dang Ya Dead Volcano is 30km from Pleiku. The mountain has the shape of an upside-down bowl with lovely wild flowers about it. In the dry season, the whole area of Chu Dang Ya is covered with wild chrysanthemum flowers.

6/Former battlefields: During the wars in Vietnam, Gia Lai was where major military operations and fierce battles took place. Ia Drang Valley was where the first encounter between the US Army and People’s Army of Vietnam took place. Pleime was another site of military operations by both the US Army and the PAVN. An Khe and Mang Yang Pass was where the French suffered heavy casualties after Dien Bien Phu,… There are quite a lot of other historical sites in the province that time and passion are required to study them all.

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