Things to do in Binh Duong Vietnam

Thu Dau Mot Holiday Weather Today,

Date/time of update: January 20, 2022, 11:57 am, Timezone: GMT+7
Scattered Clouds

Temperature: 27.03°C
Feels like: 28.5°C
Min Temperature: 27.03°C
Max Temperature: 27.03°C
Atmospheric pressure: 1009hPa
Humidity: 65%
Visibility: 7000m
Wind speed: 2.57m/sec
Wind direction: 160degrees
Cloudiness: 40%
Sunrise: 2022-01-19 11:16:50
Sunset: 2022-01-20 10:51:22

Binh Duong is mostly an industrial province. The provincial capital is Thu Dau Mot City, 30km north of Ho Chi Minh City. During the Vietnam War, Binh Duong was the War Zone D which belonged to the Iron Triangle.


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